Why Us
For more than 15 years, our team has been designing test rigs and control systems with high load precision. We offer solutions for both small units and systems as a whole, such as gas turbine engines and landing gear.
Test rigs are complemented by simulation tools for developers to determine the design loads for systems. Innovative thinking constantly drives us to move from test equipment to test objects.
Multiphysics Design Bureau
We are proud to have been able to build a team of 50 developers working on the task as a single unit. The core of our company are graduates of aerospace universities and companies.
We are striving to be closer to the customer. We have launched the design of unmanned systems in order to understand the architecture of aviation technology.
How we work
We want to ensure the customer is completely satisfied. That's why we work in close cooperation with him before signing a contract with a preliminary design, followed by a performance demonstration of the solution proposed.
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