Automotive Simulator

Automotive simulator is a complex solution for model-based system calculations of dynamic characteristics for automotive components and assemblies in real-time. All automotive components present in the simulator can be tested both independently and in combination with each other.


ADAS Closed-Loop HIL System

The System simulates events happening in the virtual-world for the ADAS system, consisting of numerous components, such as Automotive RADARs, Cameras, LiDARs, GNSS receivers and ECUs, and does the functional testing of the full system in a closed-loop HIL environment.

Automatic transmission testing

The testrig is designed for testing automatic transmissions to determine the characteristics and service life, to research parameters during the acceptance, qualification and service life tests of automatic transmissions of cars. Power up to 630 kW, input torque up to 4000 N⋅m, load system torque up to 40000 N⋅m. Continuous loading from 0 to 3400 rpm

Safety Belt Testing

The test rig provides static testing of the vehicle body structure elements and seats, on which the seat belt fasteners are installed, by nine independent power circuits. Maximum load 40 kN