Data Acquisition System

Distributed DAQ

The distributed DAQ is a controller installed into a rack with the FieldDAQ modules connected. Such configuration allows connecting various sensors inside the water- and dust proof cabinet. The sensors have the embedded network switch for the simplified sequential connection and supports full TSN synchronisation for distributed DAQ systems.

  • Up to 1056 measurement channels
  • TSN interface for synchronisation of the modules
  • Sustainability for 100g shock and vibrations of 10g mean square velocity
  • Input channels simultaneously measure signals and have embedded anti-aliasing filters adjustable to the selection frequency
  • Wide dynamic range
  • Ability to work in rough climatic conditions: -40…+85°С
  • IP67

Connected modules:

  • input voltage module
  • temperature measurement modules
  • strain gauge measuring modules
  • audio and vibration input modules

Mobile DAQ

Mobile DAQ is a controller installed into a case and combined with chassis with a PC connected by Ethernet and GPS module with outside antenna connected via USB. GPS module ensures navigation with phase measurement of signals of GLONASS and GPS systems.

  • Up to 256 measurement channels
  • GPS module (display on the map)
  • Feed voltage 24/48/220 V
  • Both in the field and indoor use
  • Real time data processing
  • Solutions for instalment in the field 

Connected modules:

  • input voltage modules (±1V, ±5V, ±10V, ±60 V);
  • the modules of current measure (±10 mA);
  • audio and vibration input modules;
  • temperature measurement modules;
  • universal analog input modules;
  • strain gauge measuring modules;
  • Interface modules for vehicles (CAN, CANopen, LIN).
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