Gas Turbine Engines Testing
Testing of Micro-compressors and Turbines
  • 128 pressure and temperature measuring channels
  • Inter-blade flow study
  • Precise flow monitoring
  • Up to 2 kPa overpressure at nozzle inlet
  • Flow rate 3000 kg/s
  • Torque 3000 Nm
  • Overload pressure in the wheel (vacuum) 
Blade Flushing Testrig
The rig is designed to determine the water flow rate through the inner cavity of the blades of the inlet guide device.
  • Both pneumatic and hydraulic implementation possible
  • Application of basic units and assemblies operating on water
  • Working pressure 2,0±0,1 kgf/cm2
  • Flow rate 0...15 l/min
  • Automation of blade testing process, creation of test report and generation of data base for tested units
Fuel Control Testing
  • Obtaining data on the interaction of engine components before final manufacturing;
  • Integration of physical tests and HIL modelling;
  • Determination of physical and hydraulic characteristics of fuel units;
  • Simulation of standard engine controls;
  • Hardware-software and physical simulators of standard engine units and assemblies.
Technical characteristics:
  • drive of fuel pump units 10,000 rpm;
  • drive of airplane units box 12 000 rpm;
  • temperature range of working fluids - 60 ... +130 °C.
Dust Testrig for GTE
The dust test rig for the engine inlet is designed for tests aimed at determining the reliability of the engine. 
It was necessary to provide precise throwing of fine dust at the engine inlet with continuous support of concentration of dust particles in the air flow at the inlet to the GTE. This process makes it possible to simulate airfield conditions, taking into account the various modes of engine operation. 
Due to the lack of standard components, to perform the task an original design of the dust supply system was created, which operates in a switching mode with a change in flow rate depending on the engine mode. A specific feature of the system was its free adaptation to the existing test rigs of gas-turbine engines. A range of dust supply regulation of 16 - 1160 g/min is provided. The error of the supplied dust mass relative to the set value was less than 1%.

GTE Test Rig
  • Playback of both standard and emergency flight modes
  • Software for adapting control system to different engine configurations
  • Detection of physical parameters during operation (fuel and aggregate temperatures, fuel consumption)
  • Verification of control signal sequences of the automatic control system
  • The control system supports the connection of standard aircraft control units
  • Testing of engines with the following characteristics:
  • fuel supply up to 20000 kg/h;
  • engine power up to 36 MW;
  • thrust up to 12000 kgf.
Engine Thrust Testing
The thrust measurement rig is designed to measure the power characteristics of the tested object. 
This testrig is designed to measure the thrust of gas turbine engines weighing up to 10 tons, having size of 8000 x 3000 x 3000 mm and thrust force up to 40000 kgf.
The bearings of the sliding table of the rig are mounted on a special foundation. 
The swivel mechanism allows the table to move freely in longitudinal direction. The table is also connected to three fixed bearings by means of control and measuring sensors. 
Quick-release adjustable bearings, installed in special slots of the table allow to mount any GTE.
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