HIL Simulators
Hardware-In-the-Loop simulator allows real time control system testing before full object manufacturing. The aim is to replace absent components with their mathematical models or sensors, actuators, and controllers, which can operate in the way similar to the component they are replacing. HIL simulators are involved on both sides, allowing a smooth transition from two-sided simulation to testing real systems as the products and algorithms are ready.
The HIL-simulator is supplied in a rack which has power supplies and inbuilt ventilation system. This ensures easy integration and maximum extendibility with additional components and systems.
The rack includes:
  • controller which is a hardware platform for simulated model and provides connection and synchronization between Input/Output modules. Controller also has Ethernet, RS-232, RS-485, and USB interfaces which provide HIL Simulator with additional communication abilities while working with other control and data acquisition systems;
  • input/output modules which are selected according to types and number of simulated channels;
  • simulator of sensors which provide signal conditioning to signal levels from input/output modules match the values specific to simulated equipment;
  • control and alarm panel which has main power switch, circuit brakers, control lights and emergency stop button;
  • display and keyboard panel for parameters monitoring and adjusting;
  • sensors simulation modules.
The simulation unit converts the controller signal into a signal corresponding to the device to be simulated. Each unit has several similar channels that can be grouped on matching panels mounted in a 19" rack. 
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