Real-time simulation refers to a computer model of a physical system that can execute at the same rate as actual “wall clock” time. Seamless technology allows you to upload mathematical models of physical objects from the MATLAB/Simulink environment and test them virtually in real time

HIL simulator is designed to perform Hardware-In-the-Loop simulations which can be used in the tuning and modifying of the existing ECU or the ECU prototype  with generating corresponding sensors using the signal conditioning panels.

The basis of the software and hardware complex is the simulation stand, which includes:

  • GPU Based PC
  • Real time target
  • Signal conditioning panels with appropriate channels for simulating different sensors and for receiving control signals.
  • Network connection panels
  • Power Supply

The HIL Simulator can be implemented on its own RT controller or integrated with National Instruments equipment.

HIL simulator allows real time control system testing before full object manufacturing. The aim is to replace absent components with their mathematical models or sensors, actuators, and controllers, which can operate in the way similar to the component they are replacing.

Real Time Target

Real Time Target is Reconfigurable Test Controller (RTC) inside the Simulation rack. RTC is responsible for the mathematical plant models real time execution and all sensor electrical signal generation for ECUs. RTC is capable of executing simulations for up to 1MHZ.

The multifunctional controller is designed to create systems automated control of technological equipment in various areas. The logic of the controller is determined by the customer/consumer in the programming process. The internal software may be developed both by the controller manufacturer and customer/consumer.


Software compatibility

Our Hardware and Software complex includes support packages for the  National Instruments(NI) hardware such as: CompactRIO, PXI, SbRIO etc. and the software such as: LabVIEW and Veristand. We provide an API which can be used for integrating RT Dynamic in different projects and discover all functionality.

Our RTC controller also enables integration with National Instruments equipment to expand the systems we create.