Hydraulic Manifolds
Hydraulic Service Manifold
Hydraulic Service Manifold (HSM) is installed in the power unit delivery and discharge line upstream the consumer for the service fluid treatment purpose. Service fuel treatment comprises filtration, pressure surge control and hydraulic impact relief.

  • Smooth pressure increase and decrease
  • Service fluid filtration
  • Surge and hydraulic impact relief
  • Hydraulic line disconnection in case of breakage
  • Pilot pressure control circuit
Hydraulic Distribution Manifold
Hydraulic Distribution Manifold (HDM) is used in hydraulic systems with distributed structure. The HDM manifold is intended for distributing service fluid supplied from the power unit or hydraulic service manifold between consumers. The manifold design allows engaging the required number of channels. The capability of disconnecting particular channels allows consumer service without the need to shutdown the power unit.

  • Local connection /disconnection of channels
  • Installation simplicity
  • Structural reliability
  • Service maintenance comfort
  • Low hydraulic losses at maximum service fluid flow rate
Hydraulic Control Manifold
Hydraulic Control Manifold is installed in hydraulic loading systems and ensures the necessary control of loading parameters over a long time period using the direct-acting servo control valves. This approach allows regulating pressure and service fluid delivery to hydraulic actuator in proportion to the control signal. The manifold structure allows ensuring the decreased hysteresis and a high stability.

  • Installation simplicity
  • Structural reliability
  • Service maintenance comfort
  • Accurate pressure or flow rate adjustment 
Servo Valve Manifold
Servo Valve Manifold is used in hydraulic loading system and is directly installed on the cylinder. Its design provides for a surge damping valve as well as an opportunity of connecting pressure transducers. Service fluid flow to the actuating device is directly proportional to the control signal. 
Servo Valve Manifold allows high-frequency loading.

  • Not depending on the pressure drop
  • Minimal hysteresis
  • High stability 
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