Various Solutions
Multi-axial Loading of helicopter blade
  • Multi-axial loading by 4 axes
  • Object strain feedback 
  • Maximum load up to 7.5t, minimum load 200kg
  • Hydraulic system pressure 21 MPa
  • Operation fluid Mobil DTE15
  • Loading frequency from 3 to 6 Hz
  • Bridge channel quantity: 16
Pressing Test Rig
Ensure the process of seals pressing between rings of 2m diameter at a set speed of 0.2 - 3 mm in 5 minutes and a load of 600 tons. The maximum displacement is 0.2 mm. 
Through the discrete control of the pressing process and the installation of 15 skew detection points, a pressing speed of 0.02 - 3 mm with a maximum displacement of 0.1 mm was obtained.
Hyperbaric Chamber
Testing of products, assemblies and components for internal and external pressure with liquid or air.

  • Maximum pressure 1000 bar
  • Internal volume 1570 liters
  • Internal diameter 1000 mm 
  • Compact arrangement 
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