Test Controller cRIO

The second platform is based on NI CompactRIO controller with modules C-series:

  • Hydraulic drive
  • SSI Sensors Connection
  • Vibration and Acoustic Signal Input
  • Output Voltage Module

Check our PDF: Test Controller cRIO


Hydraulic Drive Control – module US 9566

The module is designed to control an electro-hydraulic actuator. It offers a combination of analog and digital channels for load and displacement sensors. The SSI interface used by the displacement sensor allows receiving a feedback signal for FPGA processing.
US 9566 has one bridge channel for strain gauges, two digital output channels 24V, two digital input channels 24V, one analog output ±10V, and one digital channel with SSI

SSI Sensors Connection – module US 9890

SSI interface is used by displacement sensor and allows receiving feedback signal for processing by controller. After the module sending a clock signal to a sensor, the module receives data and transmit it to the CompactRIO controller.
US 9890 allows an addition of 8 SSI sensors to the CompactRIO system.

Vibration and Acoustic Signal Input – module US 9254

It provides a wide dynamic range and software-controlled isolation of alternative and direct current circuits as well as an IEPE sensors signals alignment. Every channel is fitted with a filter for oversampling protection, automatically adjusting to an actual sample rate.

Vibroacoustic module US 9254 is designed to connect sensors with IEPE signals. US 9254 has a high speed of conversion, high resolution, and low noise level.

Output Voltage Module – module US 9264

The module is a generator of instrument classes dynamic signals for audio components test and power supply of sensors during structural tests.
Fast sweep and reprograming ensure repeatability of measure results and reduced test duration.

US 9264 vibroacoustic module is a two-channel analog output ±10V module intended to generate dynamic signals for audio components and provide excitations for strength tests.