Flight simulator

  • six degrees of freedom provided by Stewart platform 
  • flight model is synchronised with UAV movements and signals simulated by HIL
  • weight of UAV up to 200kg

UAV control system test

  • Aircraft external impact simulation and working out of control system.
  • Thrust and ailerons loading measure 
  • Electric parameters measure for actuator drive and engines 
  • Mobile implementation
  • Wind tunnel lift measure
  • 16 AI
  • 4 AO
  • 4 bridge channels
  • 28 digital channels

Test rig for determining the thrust force of a copter

A test rig that allows helicopter-type UAV developers to measure the characteristics of structures and control systems in real time. Measurements are made of:

  • thrust vector direction;
  • output to set point;
  • system power under different operation modes;
  • spectrum of frequency of vibration displacement;
  • thrust vector control;
  • payload capacity of the UAV.