Reconfigurable Test Controller (RTC) is a universal tool for test automation.


  • Strength test (electro-hydraulic cylinders control)
  • Hexapod control
  • Vibration test
  • Acoustic test
  • Data Aсquisition and monitoring

More details
The Main Features

  • Multi-purpose hardware platform for various test types

  • Installation software for every function

  • Ethernet TSN, RS-232, RS-485, and USB interfaces

  • Unified analog input/output channels

  • Real time operation system

  • FPGA

  • Quick operation of analog channels up to 100 KHz

  • System Scalability

Parameter Value
Number of slots 8
Number of expansion slots 2
Interfaces 1xUSB,2xUSB-c, 2xGigabit Ethernet, 1xRS-232, 1xRS-485
Processor Intel E3845 1.91 GHz Quad-Core
Integrated SSD 512 Gb
Power Supply Voltage 24/220V DC/AC
Ambient temperature -40 °C to 85 °C
Power Supply Voltage 24/220V DC/AC


There are two modifications according to the application and installed modules: RTC-Hydro and RTC-Vibro. Depending on test types and their features, the expansion of channels quantity is accessible.

It is suitable for HIL simulators when using sensors simulation modules

Modules Specification RTC-Hydro RTC-Vibro HIL
Analog Input Module 16 AI ±10V/±20mA 16bit 100kHz
Vibroacoustic Input Module 4 AI IEPE ±10V 24bit 256kHz
Strain/Bridge Module 4 Full bridge Vsupp=5V 24bit 100kHz
Analog Output Module 16 AO ±10V 16bit 80kHz
Vibroacoustic Output Module 2 AO ±10V 32bit 30…768kHz
Hydraulic Module 1 AO ±10V/±115mA 16bit 1kHz, 1 AI ±10V 16bit / LVDT, 1 SSI
SSI Module 8 1kHz 1…30bit
DIO Module 8 DI 12V/24V, 12 DO 12V/24V
Frequency signal simulation 16 0…10kHz ±30V
Thermocouple signal simulation 16 ±100mV 80kHz
Thermoresistance signal simulation 5 30…250Ohm
LVDT signal simulation 4 0…10kHz ±10V 16bit