We are pleased to inform you that we possess the expertise and competence required to create a highly sophisticated test bench tailored to your specific needs and requirements. Our interdisciplinary design bureau possesses the required skills and experience to ensure that your project is completed to the highest standards of quality and excellence.

Aero Solutions

Gas Turbine Engine

We have solutions for testing fuel automation systems with aviation liquid temperatures up to 130 degrees and full explosion protection for the testing system.

The use of HIL simulators allows us to be experts in testing engine control systems and offer hybrid testing options which are crucial during the gas turbine engine development phase.

Landing Gear

In our practice, we have provided static, repeated static, dynamic and fatigue testing of both the chassis and its components.

With regard to the dynamic tests, it was necessary to consider the mutual effects of multi-coupling loading with steady-state error < 1%; transient error < 4%. For the long-term fatigue tests, an adaptive interconnected loading control algorithm was applied that adjusts to the changes occurring in the rig during the tests. 

Aviation wheels

We offer both research and test benches for aircraft wheels. For the convenience of test engineers, simultaneous testing of two wheels, testing of wheels with different sizes on one rig, temperature control and independent cooling are provided.

During the tests, impressive results were achieved: loading 30t, velocity 300 km/h

Hydraulic components

The test rigs are designed for pressure testing, leakage, control parameters, adjustment detection as well as durability testing of hydraulic equipment.

Ground support equipment

Ground support equipment is used to conduct aerodrome tests on the hydraulic systems of aircraft. The test rigs are produced both for aircraft and helicopter testing. With mobile options and two independent hydraulic circuits, they are versatile in conducting tests on aircrafts.

Auto Solutions

Automatic transmission

The testrigs are designed for testing automatic transmissions to determine the characteristics and service life, to research parameters during the acceptance, qualification and service life tests of automatic transmissions of cars.

  • power up to 630 kW,
  • input torque up to 4000 N⋅m,
  • load system torque up to 40000 N⋅m

Battery Testing

The testbed provides the testing services for the durability and strength testing of electric or hybrid vehicle or machine battery packs and modules. The set of tests simulates real life scenarios and battery lifecycle.

Electric motors

Testing an electric motor and interpreting the results represent a major challenge. Our test benches enable complex testing and detailed evaluations that are important for the development and testing process.

The test benches provides measurement of electrical and mechanical parameters and check of quality-determining features for electric motors under realistic working conditions