Qualitative solutions

For more than 15 years, our team has been designing test rigs and control systems with high load precision. We offer solutions for both small units and systems as a whole, such as gas turbine engines and landing gear.In our solutions we use our own hydraulic and electronic components, control systems and software.
We offer not only products with a ready-made test program, but also a full cycle from setting the task to participation in tests with follow-up service and upgrade.

The company
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Group 27 Multiphysics Design Bureau

Test benches design comprises high expertise in a variety of areas, provoking us to create an interdisciplinary design office to meet the demand.
We have created an interdisciplinary design bureau with interaction between specialists of the following areas:

  • Gas Turbine Engines
  • Hydraulics
  • Electrical automation
  • PCB design
  • Control design
  • Mechanics.

Group 8 How we work

At the stage of studying your task, we offer you a free sketch design with a solution. We are ready to explain the performance of the proposed solution, including the use of simulation methods and the optimal test rig parameters to solve the test problem.

Test rigs are complemented by simulation tools for developers to determine the design loads for systems.A team of engineers designs loading systems of the test rig considering dynamic parameters of the object. A virtual model of the test bench is then developed including mechanical, electrical and hydraulic systems.