Test Software

Electro-Hydraulic Actuation

Package is intended for adjusting of controller to control systems of hydraulic and electric loading system. It is a solution for monitoring and accurate force and displacement control of loading devices.

The design and simulation of hydraulic systems has been implemented

  • Positioning and forces based on feedback;
  • Calibration of sensor signals;
  • Force calculation basing on the pressure in hydraulic loading system;
  • Force calculation basing on voltage and current in electric loading system;
  • Automation scenarios design.

Hexapod Control

Software is intended for positioning systems providing required curve and emulation of realistic motion conditions.

  • Classical and adaptive controllers enable performing harmonic and random pressure signals at high precision.
  • Ability to control the loading and displacement both manually and automatically.
  • Available for using in bundle with simulators and imitators.

Vibration Suite

The package is intended for adjusting of the controller in the fatigue testing on the frequency altering in a specific band and also for the defining of the dynamic properties of the testing object.


  • Pre-Test;
  • Resonance Search;
  • Random; 
  • Sine on Random;
  • Classical Shock;
  • Sine;
  • Waveform Replication.

Acoustic Testing Control

The package is intended for adjusting of the controller in the systems for sound pressure levels generation and vibration control systems. Controller with this package allows controlling the sound pressure and perform analysis of the data from the vibroacoustic transducers.

  • Control of the acoustic signal generation in accordance with the predefined parameters;
  • Analysis and processing the data from the vibroacoustic transducers.

Data Aсquisition and monitoring

The package is intended for adjusting of the controller to DAQ system. Controller with this package allows producing record system of various signal types with follow up data analysis.

  • Recording of the signals from the sensors with unified signals;
  • Recording of the signals from vibration acceleration and vibration displacement sensors;
  • Recording of the data from the vibroacoustic transducers;
  • Recording of the data from the strain-gauge transducers (quarter-bridge, half-bridge, full-bridge);
  • Recording of the data from the communication interfaces (Ethernet, RS-485; RS-232);
  • Calibration of the sensors signals;
  • Data logs;
  • Interactive viewer of the results;
  • Input of the compensating coefficients;
  • Data processing involving various analysis methods.
Hydraulic Valves Testing
Tasks performed by the software:
  • functional checks;
  • check of external tightness;
  • obtaining the dependence of the adjustment pressure change on the flow rate;
  • control of regulation smoothness;
  • determination of the adjustment range;
  • measurement of reduced pressure when changing inlet pressure;
  • determination of dependence of reduced pressure change on flow change;
  • measurement of liquid flow through the control valve;
  • determining the dependence of the flow rate on the pressure difference between inlet and outlet;
  • determination of pressure gain;
  • zero drift;
  • control and measurement of internal leaks;
  • determination of flow gain;
  • hysteresis determination;
  • polarity determination.
The program interface is customized individually by selecting the parameters display: analog indicator or graph. The availability of the drop-down menu of indicators and graphs makes it possible to display only the required parameters and dependencies.
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